Join us on Friday, September 29th, 2023, at 4:10 PM CET for an enlightening presentation that will take you on a historical journey towards peace in the Middle East.

Title: Peace for Palestinians & Israelis? Timeless Spirit of the ‘Keokuk Peace Letter Project’, 1931—2031

This project explores the enduring quest for peace and understanding between Palestinians and Israelis over the course of a century. By drawing parallels between past and contemporary challenges, it offers a treasure trove of historical lessons and insights that are invaluable for students of history.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

1 Explore the vital role that historical context plays in shaping and influencing current events and peace efforts.

2 Discover the numerous attempts made to promote peace between diverse groups, shedding light on the challenges and successes of these endeavors.

3 Uncover the warning signs that have historically led to conflicts, providing valuable lessons for our understanding of contemporary politics and international relations.

4 Learn about the significance of diplomatic channels in resolving conflicts and how citizen-led initiatives like peace letters can foster dialogue.

5 Gain insights into the global nature of conflicts and peace efforts by exploring the involvement of individuals from different locations.

6 Dive into discussions about the intricate nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, touching upon historical, political, cultural, and social factors at play.

7 Understand the importance of persistence in peacebuilding efforts and the challenges faced by those dedicated to resolving long-standing conflicts.

8 Explore the role of indigenous traditions, such as the sacred pipe in Native American culture, in promoting peace and diplomacy.

This presentation promises to be a thought-provoking journey through history, encouraging critical thinking about the past, present, and the future of peace and understanding. Let us not forget the great family of humankind to which we all belong.

Don’t miss out on this event.

Mark your calendars for Friday, September 29th, at 4:10 PM CET, and join us for an exploration of the timeless spirit of peace.

For further reading on the Keokuk Peace Letter Project click here.

Joachim ‘Yogi’ Reppmann

Dr. Joachim “Yogi” Reppmann was born in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, in 1957. He attended the Altes Gymnasium, a school founded by Danish King Frederick II in 1566. He matriculated at the University of Kiel, where he studied history, American literature, and philosophy. In 1984, he completed his master’s thesis entitled Transplanted Ideas: The Concept of Freedom and Democracy of the Schleswig-Holstein Forty-Eighters — Origins and Effects 1846-1856. He has written several books on notable Schleswig-Holstein emigrants and the mass migration to the United States; served as a professor of German at St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges in Northfield, Minnesota; and chaired several conferences. The Steuben Society of America’s History Award, 2014, has been presented to him for his research on the 1848 movement’s democratic impact in Germany, and the USA.








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