Diese Informationen sind vor mehr als einem Jahr veröffentlicht worden und beziehen sich auf ein vergangenes Semester.

2021 has been another challenging year for our school community.

In these trying times, the silence of Christmas may be the right time to reflect and think of others who are facing the same or very similar difficulties or who have suffered as a consequence of coronavirus and illness, warfare or any other adversity.

Throughout the year gone by we have on numerous occasions found our way back to our school community. We have heard fascinating talks by various students who have given us the opportunity to critically approach the human condition in all its facets. The student representatives Hemid Alsino, Sama Bahrami and Jürgen Köfinger have collected donations for St. Anna Children’s Hospital, giving hope to children and young adults of all cultures and origins who have to spend the holidays in medical care.

At this time, let us think together

  1. of politicians and wish upon them the wisdom and courage to make the right decisions;
  2. of all who work in international relations that they may find true ways of reconciling people of different origin, language, gender identity, sexual orientation and creed;
  3. of scientists that they may use science and technology for the good of all people;
  4. of all who suffer as a result of war, of all who have been injured and disabled, for the mentally distressed and of those whose trust in humanity has been weakened or destroyed;
  5. of the homeless and refugees and of all people who have lost their livelihood and security in Afghanistan, Syria, Chechnya and other parts of the world;
  6. of all who mourn their dead, of those who have lost husband or wife, children or parents, or other loved ones, and especially of those who have no hope to sustain them in their grief;
  7. of all members of our school community that they may continue to live in goodwill, mutual respect and friendship with one another.

We wish all students, teachers and friends of our school community a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best for the new year 2022.

May it be a good one!

With my best wishes,

Daniel Green  

Diese Informationen sind vor mehr als einem Jahr veröffentlicht worden und beziehen sich auf ein vergangenes Semester.

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  • Daniel Green

    Unterrichtet Englisch, Geschichte und Sozialkunde / Politische Bildung; Männer- und Queer-Beauftragter. Angewandter Rechtslinguist.