15-20 students of Abendgymnsium are currently planning on joining us for a 2 week study and fun language trip to Miami, on of the coolest cities on the planet.  Temperatures will range from 18-26 degrees during the day, water temperatures about 20-22  degrees.

you can expect 180 min of intensive language lessons exactly tailored to your skill level, including a special focus on your interests  ( business, conversation, sciences, medicine, law, etc). You will get a widely accepted certificate at the end of your course.  Needless to say, it is going to hugely help you with your „Matura“.

The rest of the day you can spend at the beach, discover the city´s  uniquely diverse culture, art, music and food, shopping, nightlife, etc.. or stay on campus with a great pool, sports, etc.- or go to the beach, which is 50 meters away.

all you can eat breakfast and dinner is included, as well as the accomodation directly on campus in a 4-bed appartment, together with three other (international) students from around the world.

Here is a preview of what to expect.


Prof.  Kniendl, who has spent three years in Forida and knows thecity and surrunding area well is the course leader and liaison and contact there, asissting you with your needs and requests.

The 15 day trip is expected to cost about 2000 Euros, depending on number of students and flight costs at the time of booking.  AZB – Abendgymnasium Wien – Mr Brandl has agreed to support our trip.!

If you are interested – and for the next steps-please joins us to discuss the next steps on

THURSDAY 17.00  AUDI MAX:  (September 26)

IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT, but are interested, please send a mail tokKniendl@gmail.com.forward to 

Let´s go USA! I look forward to doing this with you!

Gerald Kniendl