As part of the Language and Culture blog series which is being compiled with the much appreciated help of students at the Abendgymnasium Wien, we intend to give voices to people of varying ages and origins, both linguistically and culturally, to share the role language plays in their lives. It is our hope that this will spark interest in the study of language and the way we relate to one another, regardless of our background.


Rand Hamdi

Hello to all of you!

My name is Rand Hamdi, I am 19 years old and I was born in Syria but now I live in Austria. 

I have been here in Austria since 2016.

I speak five languages, that is, Arabic, English, Italian, Turkish and German.

I have four siblings, one sister and three brothers.

My favourite hobby is being on the computer and learning new things about cosmetics and the ingredients of new products.

I also enjoy swimming and meeting my friends. I have met many nice friends at school, and I am very glad to have them.

I absolutely love going on adventures wherever I go. 

At the moment I attend Abendgymnasium Wien, a night school in Vienna.

In the future I would like to go to university and  study medicine.

I would like to be a doctor and help people when they are sick.

Also I would like to work in a job that I like and that makes me happy.

I feel that if I work in a hospital in Vienna, that would be the right kind of thing for me.

If I were to describe myself, I would say that I am a calm, shy, helpful and polite young woman and I will do my best to reach my goals.


Bildnachweis: Rand Hamdi (privat)

Explicit consent for publication obtained from Rand Hamdi on 17th Dec 2020.