businessDas Abendgymnasium Wien ist auch ein wirtschaftskundliches Realgymnasium. So lassen sich durchaus zwei Fliegen auf einer Klappe kombinieren, etwa Englisch und Wirtschaft. Gerald Kniendl hat mit seinen Studierenden im Wahlfach „Business English“ Geschäftspläne ausgearbeitet. Eine Fülle an englischsprachigen Diskussions- und Arbeitsmöglichkeiten entstand.

This term, for the first time, students of the 8C EBU class wanted to research factors to consider when opening their own business / company and then write their own business plan.

There were nine groups. Below please find some examples of their business plans. Note: I left my comments and corrections in there on purpose to show that these are „quick and dirty“ and not faked.

As their teacher I was truly impressed with their dedication and hard work,  and the linguistic quality of some business plans has turned out to be excellent. Although the business plans had to remain on a rather superficial level compared to professional plans in „real life“ ,  I think students really learned something valuable for their lives outside and beyond school by analyzing and debating factors that may or may not influence their business projects such as strengths and weaknesses of competition,  finance, advertising, branding, marketing, HR and leadership, to name a few.

Not least, it was essential for some to learn to deal with some degree of disappointment, when their group did not live up to the best students´ expectations, and grades were (slightly) below the usual level.  Alternatively, some students profited from the cooperation and found themselves graded better than expected.

Again, a round of applause to all my students who worked „harder for WPF than for most other regular classes“ as they said. What was particularly amazing was to see an average attendence rate of 87%, compared to an average of 72% in other English classes. On top of the Business Plan – group project they also had to write a 90-min. test, including listening, reading, writing, and English in Use.

Again thank you for you for a truly exceptional effort!

Gerald Kniendl

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